Fees for parking meters near CTA stations in town were officially hiked after the village passed an ordinance last night increasing the rate to 25 cents for 30 minutes.

Previously, the rates varied from 25 cents for one hour, to 25 cents for an hour and a half, Village Administrator Tim Gillian told council members last month, when he suggested the fee increase. But, at its Oct. 11 meeting, the village voted 4-1 to pass an ordinance to hike rates. Commissioner Chris Harris was the only “nay” vote.

The new rate will take effect in the following areas: Circle Avenue, from Harlem Avenue to Franklin Street; Marengo Avenue, from Circle Avenue to Franklin Street; Elgin Avenue, from Circle Avenue to Franklin Street; Lehmer Avenue, from Desplaines to Harlem avenues; Dunlop Avenue from Harrison to York streets.

The village will also be installing about 200 new meters in those areas. It already has about 80 of them, which were acquired with grant money in 2010. TIF money will be used to purchase the remaining meters.

In an email, Gillian said that the new meters will be delivered within four to six weeks, and that the village will likely wait until it has all the meters to begin installing them.

“We will begin to put flyers on vehicles in the next few weeks advising parkers of the new meters and rates,” he said. “Once we are assured of a delivery date, we will increase our efforts to notify those people who will be impacted.”

And, according to the village administrator, the hike is not going to happen in the immediate future.

“It is safe to say that the increase will not take place for several weeks,” his email said.¬†