The Harlem Manner und Damen Chor will celebrate its 122nd anniversary by presenting a concert and ball on Saturday, Nov. 3, 2012 at 7 p.m., River Grove Lodge at River Road and Fullerton in River Grove. Admission at the door is $10; Food, drinks and desserts available after the 6 pm concert. The chorus director is Dennis Costanzo, accompanied by Walter Flechsig. Dance music following the concert is also by the Walter Flechsig orchestra. You will probably recognize many of your friends and neighbors in the chorus. Call Peter or Isabelle Herdeg at 630.545.1041 for more information. These singers have a great time together at rehearsals and other parties. If you would like to join them they would love to welcome you. They are planning a big concert in Milwaukee next year as well as their participation at Lincoln Square in the Steuben Parade, and German-American Day at Saint Benedict’s in Chicago. The coming Christmas season is underway, but new voices could easily catch up.

The wedding of Jennifer Garrity and John DeMoraes was spectacular. The nineteen members of the wedding party were upstaged by the tiny flower girl, Lillianna Garrity. There were several members of the Tricoci family in the party also. But when Jennifer entered the church, she stole the show.

Mary and Rick Hollander are proud of their two sons, Chris and Tim, who are both teaching English in China. The boys are expected to return to Forest Park for a visit sometime next year.

Thanks to the Gasse School of Music for bringing sublime music to Forest Park. They are bringing a sense of political harmony as well. The Gasses welcome young men and women from all countries into their home. Right now Rika Okayasu from Japan is living with us, Armando Salazar, from Mexico, Mishri Rowainy, from Prague in the Czech Republic and Zdenek Jurcik, from Saudi Arabia. Welcome to all of you and thanks for coming to Forest Park.

The Gasse concert was followed by refreshments, compliments of Muriel Henning, champ cookie maker for the Lutherans. Watch this space for word of her famous “Cookie Walk” coming soon.

The late Carol Lydecker Dwyer died just one hour after her 24th wedding anniversary. Her husband, Bill, known to “Review” and “Wednesday Journal” readers wrote a moving, memorial to her for her memorial service at Unity Church in Oak Park. Carol herself wrote a farewell message to her family and friends before her death.

Birthday celebrants this week are: Hannah Connolly, John Schmidt, Connie Caruso, Jamie Stetler, Samantha Zaveredas, Dick Byars, Josie Becker, Kay Duff, Drew Frank, Charlotte Lavnick, Chloe Hillis, Cory Fink, Marjorie Beyer, Ryan Neff, Tony Iannantuoni, Helen Dvorak, Pat Uphues, Mary Sullivan, Karen Woods, Spencer Brooks, Jessica Dodge, Sam Bland, Pete Gianakoupolis, and happy anniversary to Joe and Diane Criscone, Mary and Pete Brown, Austin and Terry D’Souza.