Things are looking up for Ascension eighth-grader Emma Drever, who will be recognized for demonstrating good citizenship, service-oriented activities and the great role model she is to others by the Optimist Club of Oak Park on Nov. 15.

If the office of the president of the United States were in the hands of the students of Forest Park Middle School, our next president would be Barack Obama in a landslide victory. The results for the school election are as follows: 219 votes for President Obama to 30 votes for Governor Romney. Teachers Tricia Allocco, Dan Staser and Joe Pisano all worked with students to get them ready to vote in the mock election Monday.

The second annual “Forest Park Coke Dance” took place at the Community Center Saturday. Forest Park Middle School alumni who graduated between 1965 and 1975 danced and checked out their old yearbook photos and their old middle-school crushes. Mike Hough and Judy Kepp organized the whole thing, largely through Facebook.

Congratulations to Marge Zwadlo, who has again put Forest Park on the cultural map by winning a prize with her recent “Autumn Odyssey” watercolor. The prize is the Walgreen Award for watercolors given by the West Suburban Artists Guild.

James Corbeil plays for Monmouth University’s men’s water polo club team, the Crab People. The Crabs beat top-ranked Washington University in the Nov. 4 final at the Div. III Club Water Polo National Championships, held at Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vt. A senior sociology and anthropology major, he is the son of Deborah Corbeil of Forest Park.

Joan Previs lived at the same address in town for 28 years. She has left her old neighbors and taken an apartment at the Altenheim. She loves it there and is happy meeting new neighbors, one of whom is Dorothy Dylewski, mother-in-law of our community center director, Karen Dylewski.

To brighten the gray November days this week, you might want to sing “Happy Birthday” to the following: Jean Zalenski, Brian Cote, Harriet Smith, Marikate Marino, Rich Considine, Emily Johnson, Amy Brod, Mark Conway, Jackson Domer, Andy Thiesse, Anita D’Souza, Janet Todd, Max Trage, Mark Hosty, Jane Lentini, Sandy Riley, Ellie Drane, Danielle Sullivan, Louise Douglas, Derek Miranda, Scott McAdam, Honor Milletti, Paula Diverdi, Jennifer Mendenhall, Eric Bothie, and Michael Harnett. Happy anniversary to Gloria and Steve Bachman, Cindy and Chris Wood, and Rosalie and Sam Corso.